What is GreenCircle?🍃

GreenCircle is a local, eco-friendly delivery solution for every deliveries in the ring of Berlin.

"Packaging-, emission- and hassle-free", is the commitment of the quality service delivered by Green circle 

Responsible purchasing is an integral part of our values.  By using GreenCircle, you are consuming in an ecological and responsible manner, and without any extra effort!

How does it work?

  1. MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE: you pick your date & hour, you won't have to be worried that your package will disappear or be delivered to your neighbor's house 

  2. PACKAGING-FREE:  GreenCircle uses its own recycled (and recyclable) boxes, do adieu nasty cardboards.

  3. ELECTRIC VEHICLES: The service is using preloved electric cars and the vehicles are fueled with green electricity! 

  4. JOIN THE MOVEMENT: GreenCircle is not only a delivery service, it's also an easy-tp-use marketplace where you can sell and get pre-loved and sustainable goodies.