Handmade article

  • Length: 7 Centimeters;
  • Width: 2.2 Centimeters
  • Materials: Stationery
  • Closing: Ear hook


Total length: 7 cm
Butterfly width: 2.1 cm
Butterfly height: 1.6 cm
Width lotus: 1 cm
Lotus height: 0.8 cm


Two coats of varnish are applied by brush on each Origami to ensure their solidity and permeability.
They are then mounted on gold cabled wire, with matching seed beads.


Double Origami Butterfly & Lotus flower

29,90 €Preis
  • Each fold corresponds to a particular symbol in Japan :
    The butterfly symbolizes love and rebirth and the lotus flower symbolizes longevity and femininity.

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