If you don't know Julie Beauzac, it's because you don't listen to enough feminist podcasts! She is the creator of the talented and inspiring French podcast "Vénus, s'épilait-elle la chatte?" (Did Venus wax her pussy?) launched in December 2019. 


L'Agenda Malpoli is the result of a collaboration between Julie Beauzac and Anne-Lise Bouyer, a talented woman working closely with Julie, behind the scenes.  This diary was designed as a part of the crowdfunding campaign in order to finance the development of the podcast in a sustainable manner. 


The campaign was a real success with more than 550% of success on the objective according to Ulele! 

The diaries will not be produced again, the last copies are exclusively at the Case Paulette, so be quick to get yours! 


l'Agenda Malpoli

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