“Soulography is about painting one’s soul on canvas, the impression of the heart and the echo of revolt. It is a tree-like exhibition, where one question floats in the air: how to exist in times of crisis?.”


 french designers 

Our brands are French: we select them carefully to offer you the best products: fashionable, sustainable, timeless. 
We also support small French designers living in Berlin: we select  "la crème de la crème of small designers" in order to offer you a selection of unique and original clothes! We are not selling Fashion, we are selling style!


Our Fashion Values👗

 quality & elegance 

Quality fabrics, refined designs... La Case Paulette will offer to every dandy to be: womenswear/menswear /unisex clothing, leather bags, jewelries, accessories, decoration, lifestyle products...

 support small businesses 

Fast-fashion is everywhere: our desire is to transform shopping and make it more responsible and ecological. 
Most of the collection of our young designers are eco-responsible and use the technique of upcycling to give a second life to clothes.

Our coup de coeur 

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